This website comprises chapters from the book, "The Bible Secrets" (Malayalam).

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S.P. is the author of the book "Bible Secrets" (Bible Secrets, in Malayalam) published in India in 2011. In this book, the author describes the vision and subsequent revelations he received directly from the Lord Jesus Christ. The book of Bible Secrets contains hidden revelations in the spiritual concepts of the Bible, which the author learned from an old woman under the instruction of the Lord Jesus. This website summarizes 70 chapters from that printed book and two articles about Quran that is copied from social media written by unknown writer.  All chapters can be translate into any language using Google Translater. Printed books are not available in the market at present! So far the book has been read by more than one million people on the website and social media. Please read this book and understand the workings of the invisible spiritual world. Thus, lead a successful life on earth and in the spiritual world after death. God bless you. Amen. His e-mail address:-

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